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Due to COVID-19, all of my candy orders for events have been cancelled. I’m grateful to Territory Pharmacies to still be supporting my retain orders.

I have been watcing the news and thinking of people who are in need. As you know, that is one of my core values in my business and I always try to contribute where I can. I usually visit the elderly to give them sweet candy treats and have a chat to brighten their day. Unfortunately I am not able to do that now and I know many other children from schools and communtiy groups are not allowed to either.

So, I had an idea! I have been learning to sew from a lovely lady near my home. She has a curtin and fabric shop and I have been visiting her and buying some fabric to make different products.

I’ve made bags for walkers and also handmade coasters for putting a cup of tea on or a glass of water.

I’m hoping it will bring a smile to the faces of those who receive them. I’m also making masks as I was asked to sew one for a friend.

I’ve learnt in business that sometimes we have to change direction and adapt. Most of all, I wish everyone to be safe and healthy, from Angus x