Croc Candy all started with a desire to help others and the will to overcome the learning challenge of dyslexia. In the July school holidays last year Angus was watching TV one evening and there was a show raising money to help and support people suffering illness. Angus decided he wanted to do something that would give him the ability to help through donating money.

Having recently being assessed as dyslexic, Angus’s family also wanted to find another learning angle to give him support and assistance. A stage of puppets in the living room and a pretend market stall was the first step in the planning of this activity. The more Angus played, the happier he became. He wanted to buy ‘real’ props instead of paper ones and then progress to having a stall.

Not quite sure what to do next, Angus’s Mum jumped in the car and they both headed to OfficeWorks with some money from the piggy bank to buy some business materials consisting of a notebook, calculator, some pencils and a box. Next it was time for a business plan and the rest escalated very quickly until the market opportunity arose at a Kids Buy Swap and Sell event. Angus had a ball and wanted to do it the following week.

Croc Candy is growing organically and not only is Angus becoming more confident, he is learning about business, how to overcome challenges and is inspiring people along the way. Angus now has his desire filled to help people and has selected his charity of choice to be ‘Made by Dyslexia’ founded by Kate Griggs and supported by Sir Richard Branson. Angus Copelin-Walters is on the Sweet Road to Success.

Angus Copelin-Walters - Founder